Simba - The World's Best Mattress (In our opinion)

Do you ever wish you could find the perfect mattress?

One that feels like it’s gently hugging and supporting every part of your body?

One that feels cool but so comfortable that it feels like you could drift off into the most dreamy, luxurious sleep you ever had? And not cool in a ‘I’m too cold’ sort of way. Cool like air. Like snug, but so light….so dreamy.

And one that doesn’t make it difficult to roll out of in the morning?

And how about a mattress that barely flinches when your other half climbs in/rolls over/dances in his sleep?

Let me introduce you to SIMBA (This is the link to the mattress we have)

I have suffered for years with what I now know to be Hypermobility, which brings on bouts of fibromyalgia pain (basically this means pain that is felt all over my body) and it never occurred to me that swapping my mattress might help with pain, EVER.

And then I sent out a request for businesses to take part in the Gummee live giveaways that I run across the Gummee social media and was offered the opportunity to test the Simba mattress.

I was honestly happy with the mattress we had at the time….I mean, it was old and we just made it feel fresher by purchasing mattress toppers every couple of years.

I mulled it over and discussed it with Steve. It didn’t feel right, in the way that I would be benefiting from it instead of the Gummee social media followers and supporters who take part in my giveaways every week. I couldn’t decide, so I started reading the reviews and when I saw the amount of people claiming it had helped their Fibromyalgia pain I was sold. I was already used to living in pain most of the time and was, what I thought, managing it to the best of my ability.

So anything that might help, I’m obviously going to try. And I NEEDED to try this mattress. The excitement when Simba agreed to work with me was OFF. THE. CHARTS. 

So anyway, it arrived and we eagerly took it out of the box and placed it on it’s new forever frame. I can not believe it came in such a small box and when we opened it, I was very skeptical. It seemed misshapen and too thin. So, being the impatient lass that I am, hubby thrust the leaflets at me and directed me to one of the instructions, which said we had to give the mattress a minimum of three hours to completely re-shape and inflate. When we took it out the packaging, it really did start inflating, (It is NOT inflatable, it was just the air rushing back in I assume) so I captured some of that on video, which you can see here on this link.

I kept sneaking back into the room to check on it’s progress and when it reached its full shape, I was gobsmacked. Speechless. I couldn’t believe how big, sturdy, comfy and just all round  impressive it looked. I lay down on it and just grinned. It felt like every bone was being gently cradled. It felt like THAT mattress. The dream one. The one everyone believes probably doesn’t exist.

After over 3 weeks of sleeping on the mattress, I can’t explain the difference it has made. When Steve gets up in the night, I have no idea. It doesn’t wake me up because the mattress does not move. (I think there must be a million tiny elves holding shock absorbers inside the mattress) Every little move made, does NOT wake me up. Praise the lord. I have sprung out of bed earlier more mornings over the last month than I have in total over the last year. It is incredible.

It moulds around your shape, like memory foam does, but it’s a little firmer so it feels very supportive. Steve commented this morning that his morning back ache has all but disappeared.

Our bed honestly feels sacred. Our little retreat. Like being in a hotel. With a mattress that anyone would lust after.

Thank you Simba. You’ve honestly changed our lives by improving our sleep quality. I couldn’t recommend you highly enough!