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Limited Edition Gummee Glove 4 - 7 months in turquoise only

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For babies 4 Months+

Our first ever run of Gummee glove plus (which were not sold on to the public) was made to incorrect measurements. These things happen, and we guess this sort of mistake results in what is known as 'factory seconds!'.

We pride ourselves on the quality and usability of our products, so we'd never have sold these on as Gummee glove plus's knowing they are too small.

The size of the teethers on them meant that we didn't want to sell them as a Gummee glove for babies as young as 3 months, yet the size of the inside means we're not going to sell them as Gummee glove plus either.

So they're suitable for babies from 4 months - 7 months or until they no longer fit.

Therefore, we're offering them for sale without the laundry bag or a separate detachable teether, and with a NO RETURN policy.