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Protect hands from chewing and relieve sensory needs

There are a myriad of reasons as to why people may chew, suck or bite their hands.

Unfortunately, there are not many products out there that are designed for the protection of the user’s hands.

Our Gummee mouthing glove comes in a variety of sizes and they’re designed to help accommodate and satisfy the need to chew, as well as provide protection from sores, saliva rash and skin damage.

Image shows a range of different sized sensory mouthing gloves

Each glove has strong chewy tabs each side, so it doesn’t matter which hand it is worn on. When the patient lifts their hand to their most to chew, the chewy tabs are exactly where they are needed. The main outer body of the glove is made from 100% cotton and is highly absorbent, which helps to prevent saliva rashes.

Speech therapists and health professionals all over the world use our mouthing gloves to help rehabilitate their patients, including babies with oral sensory needs, SEN kids who need to chew, kids with PICA and elderly patients with alzheimer’s.

Image shows a baby, young person and elderly patient all chewing on a mouthing glove

Other conditions that cause a need for patients to chew their hands include Global developmental delay, Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Dystonia, Rett syndrome and many more.

Our Mouthing gloves come in 4 sizes, ranging from small to extra large for adults. Sizes are displayed on the photo’s of each listing, so that it is easy to see which size you need to order.

All of our mouthing gloves are tested to UKCA, CE and ASTM standards.