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5 top symptoms that your little one is teething

Babies are born with 20 ‘milk teeth’ waiting under the surface of the gums to make an appearance. Some babies are even born with a tooth or two already erupted, although this is not very common. Most Newborn babies start to gnaw at their fists when they discover their hands, which may be a sign of teething.

You could try massaging their gums with clean fingers, or hold a suitable teether to their mouth for a while. We designed the Gummee mitts to give babies some relief from chewing their own hands.

Every baby is different when it comes to teething, and in the 8 years of running Gummee we have never met a baby who has gone through the teething stages in text book fashion. 

Gummee glove was invented because our first born constantly chewed his hands from 9 weeks and was too young to hold a teether, so we designed Gummee glove for babies from 10 weeks, giving them a teether that can be worn on the hand, always available when they need to relieve their teething pain.

A high percentage of babies usually start getting symptoms of teething between 3 and 6 months.

The top five symptoms of teething are listed below. Most babies have all 20 teeth by the time they are two, however it can take up to the age of 3 before all teeth are in.

1. Sore or red gums

2. Hot/flushed cheeks

3. Rubbing of the face or ears

4. Dribbling/Drooling

5. Chewing/gnawing on the hands, or anything they can get to with the gums

When babies have the ability to actually hold a teether to chew on, we all know they will chew on literally anything to get the relief that their sore, hot itchy gums need.

If your baby is over 6 months, you could try soaking a muslin cloth in chamomile tea, then cool in the freezer for half an hour and allow your baby to chew on it. Chamomile tea is known for its calming benefits, and lots of parents claim it helps their baby sleep.

We designed all of our teethers to be firm enough to give the relief that babies need, and yet soft enough that they feel comforting on their gums. Our heart teething rings & Link N Teethe shapes mimic the mouth feel that babies get from chewing on fingers, and babies love them.

When babies get to that age where they’re on the go and the nightmare molars start to cut, it can be tricky making sure they have a clean teether, as everything gets thrown around and experimented with. This is where our Molar Mallet comes into its own!

It’s a teether that wobbles back up after it is dropped, keeping the chewing end clean and off the floor. It is specifically designed to reach those parts of the jaw that other teethers cannot.

We recognise that all babies are vastly different, at every age and stage, so our products are designed carefully, safely & with love, always keeping in mind what the practicalities are at every stage.