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Find out the basics with our teething guide

Stage 1
0 - 3 Months
Babies are born with 20 'milk teeth' waiting under the surface of the gums to make an appearance.
Some babies are born with a tooth or teeth already erupted, however it is quite rare. Babies at this young age sometimes might start displaying the symptoms of teething, one of which could be chewing and drooling all over their hands.
Sometimes this could just be sensory seeking, in which case we designed these clever little mitts: Gummee mitts
Gummee mitts for babies 0 to 3 months
Stage 2
3 to 6 Months
The symptoms of teething may start to appear around this time. 
Symptoms that could be associated with teething are:
Sore or red gums
Red/hot feeling cheeks
Disturbed sleep
Loss of interest in food or increased appetite
Rubbing of the face or ears
Chewing/gnawing on the hands
Gummee glove was designed for babies who do not yet have the dexterity to hold a traditional teether, it is a mitt with teethers on it so that they can wear it on their hand and it comes with a heart shaped teething ring.
Gummee glove lifestyle
Stage 3
6 to 10 Months
The first teeth may start to make an appearance (please bare in mind all babies are different, it's important to see a healthcare professional if you are at all concerned however it is normal for babies to be late or early teethers too)
The upper and lower teeth may start to break through the gums and you may be able to feel them just under the surface with a clean finger.
Our heart teethers and the versatile Link N Teethe set have been designed with this stage in mind, they're easy to hold and get to the parts of babies mouths that need the relief from pain. 
Link N Teethe
Stage 4
10 to 14 Months
Your baby's back teeth will start to emerge some time between 10 and 14 months. The molars will start to erupt through the gums and as they're at the back of your baby's mouth they're not usually as easy to spot straight away. 
Some parents notice an increase in severity of symptoms at this stage. 
Our Molar Mallet was designed for tots on the move. Usually by 10 months your baby is moving around, either crawling or toddling and a lot of their toys are thrown around as they learn about the World around them. 
Molar Mallet wobbles back upright when it is dropped, keeping the chewing end cleaner than the average teether ;) 
Molar Mallet teether