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Easter Activities for Babies and Toddlers

Easter is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to celebrate with your little one. While babies may be too young to hunt for eggs, there are plenty of activities you can do with them to make Easter special. Here are some Easter activities for babies that will keep them entertained and engaged:

Baby with Easter egg basket

1. Easter sensory basket

Create a sensory basket filled with Easter-themed items for your baby to explore. Fill a plastic tub with grass, plastic eggs, bunny ears, and other Easter toys. Let your baby touch and play with the different textures and objects. This activity can help with their sensory development and hand-eye coordination. We think this one on Amazon is super cute, if you don't have time to make your own: sensory basket 

Baby painting Easter egg

2. Easter egg painting

You don’t have to wait until your baby is older to start painting Easter eggs. Use non-toxic paint and let your baby decorate their own egg. They may not create a masterpiece, but it’s a fun ‘messy play’ activity to do together, and it helps with their fine motor skills.

3. Easter story time

Read Easter-themed books to your baby, such as “The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Easter Egg Hunt” or “The Story Of Easter.” This is a great way to introduce them to Easter and its traditions.

Easter baby photo shoot

4. Easter photo shoot

Dress your baby up in an Easter outfit and take some cute photo’s. Pop the photo’s into an album and put it away, ready to add to it next year, it will be a lovely Easter tradition for your little one to go through the photo’s of previous years!