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How can a teething mitten help my baby?

If your baby constantly has their hands in their mouth, it could be a sign that they are teething.


You may be worrying if they have made their skin sore or if they’re making themselves sick because they put their hands too far into their mouth, triggering a gagging reflex.

Teething mittens can help your baby in a number of ways.

I designed the Gummee glove with all of these issues in mind, as well as other factors.

Our first baby had GERD, which is Gastroesophageal reflux disease. He was constantly sick, all day every day. He also had a back tooth coming through at only 10 weeks old, so the fact that he was teething early exacerbated the problem because he constantly had his hands in his mouth, making himself sick because he would gag.

If a teething mitten had existed at that point, I just know he would have loved it. When I designed it, I knew it had to be a bit more than a mitten with a teether on it.

Below is a list of reasons that a Gummee glove teething mitten might be beneficial for our baby:

  • A teething mitten gives your baby a teether that they don’t have to hold, whilst their dexterity isn’t developed enough to actually hold a teething toy to their mouth.
  • Instead of making their hands sore, they have something else to chew on and gnaw at, giving them some relief from teething.
  • The Gummee mitt is used by health professionals for babies who need oral rehabilitation as it has been proven that babies who use it, get better faster because it helps them with development, particularly hand to mouth co-ordination.
  • The mitten catches and absorbs any saliva, which means less irritation on babies skin, reducing the occurrence of teething rashes.
  • It’s also a sensory toy, something that holds your little ones attention for a little while, reducing boredom and helping development of fine motor skills.
  • The black and white colours on the crinkle patch are there to help with sight development and focus, as well as teaching ‘cause and effect’ - the noise of the crinkle patch when it is touched.

Take a look at our reviews and see what our customers think and their babies think of Gummee glove.

        Photo of a baby chewing on a Gummee glove