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How do I keep my baby cool at night during the summer

Trying to keep your little one cool during a heatwave or the hottest days of the year can be a little stressful. Preparation is key, so hopefully this blog post will help you with some great ideas!

Baby sleeping

Summer nights are wonderful and everyone loves a bit of sun, but it can be tricky trying to cool down a room for your little one to get a good nights sleep. Here are some tips you can use to help cool a room down:

    1. If possible, use or move to the room that is the coolest and most shaded in your home.
    2. Open the window a little before bed time and when it has started cooling down outside, if safe to do so, to allow the air to circulate.
    3. Ensure all curtains and/or blinds are closed/pulled together during the day to help keep out the heat.
    4. Drape a damp sheet or large towel on a clothes horse or chair somewhere near the window to help humidify the room.
    5. If using a fan, pop a bowl of ice or an ice block behind it to help cool the air as it flows. The fan pulls air in from behind, so it will blow out cool air.
    6. Be sure to have a room thermometer available so that you can monitor the room temperature.
    7. Use bedding made from cotton. Avoid waterproof covers or sheets as these can cause baby to sweat and trap heat beneath them.
    8. ‘I was given a muslin sleeping bag and honestly at first I was reluctant (never seen one before) but it was actually so thin and cool and breathable for Cody when he was first born and it was so hot.’ @mrs.rachel.tate on Instagram. We love these muslin sleeping bags from Aden and Anais.
    9. If the room is over 24 degrees, your baby can sleep in just a nappy.
    10. Make sure your baby is kept hydrated by offering cooled, boiled water for them to drink throughout the day and evening. If your baby is breastfed, they do not need the extra water and may want to breast feed more often.
    11. Don’t swaddle your baby. This may cause over heating and gives them no way to cool down.


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