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How to sign up as an Affiliate and earn some Gummee pounds!

We absolutely love our customers and we’re so happy to be able to offer something back. We have added an affiliate programme to the website so that when you recommend our products to your friends, family, neighbours, followers etc you can earn while you're doing it!

Turning your recommendations of our products into pounds doesn't take more than a minute or two, the steps are very simple:


Go to the menu on our website, right at the top of the page:

Menu - Affiliates - Join now - name - email - password - create account - get link

We’ll then send you an email for you to confirm your account. 

Your unique link will already be there for you to copy and post wherever you like. Anyone who then uses that link to make a purchase, will earn you 10% of the sale! Click the ‘Copy’ (in blue) and that will automatically copy the code for you to use. 

This is how your dashboard will appear:

Don’t forget to pop over to the payments section to set up how you’d like to be paid, (otherwise we won’t be able to pay you)

As soon as your referral commissions reach £5 we then pay you. 

So what are you waiting for? We’d love to share our profits with you!