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How to wash and sterilise Gummee glove

Washing the Gummee glove was something we thought a lot about when we were designing it. When our youngest (and Gummee’s inspiration) was born, we worried a lot about cleanliness and hygiene. We had lots of teethers for him and that included plush toys with teethers attached. The general advice at the time, from health professionals, was that everything needed to be sterilised until Jimmy was at least 6 months old.

It left us confused that the plush toys with teethers attached were ‘hand wash only’, yet designed for babies from 0+ months. How were we supposed to sterilise those?

We needed Gummee glove to be machine washable, at least. Hand washing just wasn’t practical enough for parents. We also needed to find a way for the side teethers to be sterilised. Obviously not all parents sterilise everything and we’ve met hundreds of parents at baby shows who like to buy a Gummee glove and get them straight on their baby’s hand there and then. However, lots of parents, especially new parents, do like to sterilise their babies teethers.

Gummee glove being put into the washing machine

Here are our top tips for cleaning and sterilising the Gummee glove and its attachments:

  • Pop Gummee glove into the travel/laundry pouch provided and put into the washing machine on a 30 degree wash.
  • Air drying is best as the hook and loop closure will last longer, however you can tumble dry if preferred/convenient.
  • The heart teething ring can be hand washed with warm water and soap and sterilised using any of the traditional methods.
  • To sterilise the side teethers on the Gummee glove: you can buy sterilising wipes from most major supermarkets. Simply wipe the teether tabs following the advice on the packaging. You can also pop our Gummee glove teething mitten into a UV steriliser. UV sterilisers are an easy, safe and convenient way to sterilise your babies teething and feeding items. This method does not require heat, water, chemicals, steam or any mess or fuss. UV light kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria.

Images show teethers being sterilised

We hope this blog post has been helpful. Please feel free to email us on if you have any further questions or need any assistance, or message us on any of our social media channels.