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Sensory Play Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

When it comes to engaging and stimulating a baby’s senses, sensory toys are the perfect way to do so.

Sensory toys are specifically designed to capture a baby’s attention, help them learn about their environment, and foster their development. From soft stuffed animals with different textures to colourful blocks that make noise, there is no shortage of amazing sensory toys for babies out there.

In this blog post we will discuss some of the best options in order to help you find the perfect toy for your little one!

1) Plush toys: The first type of sensory toy for babies is that of stuffed animals. Soft, cuddly animals with different textures and tactile features are great for capturing a baby’s attention, encouraging them to explore and learn about their environment. Many animals come with additional features such as rattles, squeakers or even crinkly sounds that can provide further stimulation. Stuffed animals also tend to be easy to wash, making them ideal toys for those unavoidable messes!

Note: Ensure to always check the label to confirm the plush toys are age appropriate and conform to applicable safety and quality standards.

2) Blocks: Blocks are perfect for providing visual and auditory stimulation. Blocks in various shapes and sizes can be used to build structures and create patterns, helping little ones develop their fine motor skills while also receiving cognitive benefits from problem-solving activities. Blocks can also be used to race or sort, helping children develop their hand-eye coordination and understanding of spatial awareness.

3) Sensory basket: Placing a variety of baby toys/safe items (cloths/pieces of material/crinkly paper etc) inside a basket and giving it to baby to sort through is a wonderful way to help babies develop their fine motor skills. This activity is a huge success with most babies and will keep them happy and entertained for ages!

4) Lastly, cars and trucks are always a great choice for toy preferences in toddlers. They have wheels that help children learn cause and effect as they play with them. The vibrant colours will attract your little one’s attention while the different shapes will make them think about how objects fit together and how they move around each other. Try setting up a small world for your little one, with trees, vehicles, animals etc and watch them learn to imitate the things they've seen in real life. It's a joy to watch where their imagination can take them!

Happy playing!