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The best sensory toys for Babies

When it comes to engaging and stimulating a baby’s senses, sensory toys are the perfect way to do so. Sensory toys are specifically designed to capture a baby’s attention, help them learn about their environment, and development their senses.

When our two were tiny, I use to love putting together little baskets with all sorts of interesting objects and toys in.


From soft stuffed animals with different textures to colourful blocks that make noise, there is no shortage of amazing sensory toys for babies out there. In this blog post we will discuss some of the best options available on the market today in order to help you find the perfect toy for your little one!


In this blog post, we’re giving examples of the perfect sensory toys that you can add to your baby’s basket. You can add natural products too, such as wooden spoons, natural sponge etc.

Baby holding teddy bear

The first and probably most obvious type of sensory toy for babies is soft, cuddly animals with different textures and tactile features. They are great for capturing a baby’s attention, especially if they have cute, friendly faces!

Many animals come with additional features such as rattles, squeakers or even crinkly sounds that can provide further stimulation. Stuffed animals also tend to be easy to wash, making them ideal toys for those unavoidable messes!

Baby building blocks

Next up we have blocks, which are perfect for providing visual stimulation as well as helping baby to practice fine motor movement. Blocks in various shapes and sizes can be used to build structures and create patterns, helping little ones to develop cognitive benefits from problem-solving activities.

Baby toy cars

Cars and trucks are always a great choice for toy preferences in toddlers. They have wheels that help children learn cause and effect as they play with them. These little toy vehicles can even be used for small world play scenarios like going on road trips or playing traffic controller.

If you’re looking for more educational toys, puzzles are a great way to help kids practice problem-solving while having fun. Building blocks like LEGO or Mega Bloks can be used to teach basic engineering principles such as balance and structure. They are also excellent tools for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Your little one can build towers, bridges, or whatever their imagination desires! 

All these toys may seem simple at first glance but you would be surprised by the different ways you can use them to engage and teach your little ones. 

Your toddler will enjoy learning with these fun toys for years to come!  So don’t hesitate – bring home some of these great toys today and get ready for lots of fun with your little one!  Happy playing!